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As a German cloud computing provider, we make available Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) with its own tailor-made, inhouse developed virtualisation solution.

Cloud made in Germany

Data protection in accordance with German and European law.

Flexible and scalable

Cloud computing for every requirement – be it the public or hybrid cloud.


Pay only for what you actually use – no investment costs.

Cloud Infrastructur from ProfitBricks

Why is cloud computing from ProfitBricks the right solution?

With ProfitBricks, you get the cloud IT infrastructure that your company really needs. Instead of selecting a fixed, ready-made package, you prepare the CPU, RAM, storage and network into a precisely scalable, virtual data centre together with our Data Center Designer (DCD). As your requirements are always changing, Live Vertical Scaling (LVS) gives you the opportunity to expand your virtual infrastructure to include new capacity at any time – at any time, at short notice and even on the fly!
Modern IT Infrastructure

Modern IT infrastructure

In times of advancing digitalisation, companies need to keep their IT up-to-date if they want to stay competitive. However, modernising traditional data centers is, for the most part, wearisome and takes a long time.

The solution: Infrastructure as a Service opens up for companies very special opportunities that a conventional on-site data centers sometimes cannot offer. Response speed, performance and, of course, price are also decisive here.
Available resources - at any time

With ProfitBricks Cloud you can adapted at any time.

This subtle scalability guarantees that, on the one hand, you are not at a competitive disadvantage because of a lack of resources, and on the other hand, you do not pay for unused capacity.

If you set up a data center within your company, it is linked to high initial costs to begin with. In addition, you can never scale it based on demand, but you always have to purchase capacity in advance. This mean that you are planning for possible future needs, which leads to either unnecessary costs or a lack of resources. Cloud computing demonstrates its advantages with Live Vertical Scaling particularly in the event of sudden load-peak situations. The necessary performance is immediately available and you can reduce capacity again if these are no longer needed.

Try it out: ProfitBricks cloud computing

Discover the possibilities that ProfitBricks offers: tailored infrastructure solutions with excellent cloud computing services. Take advantage of the cost-effective, powerful and secure offer from a German IaaS service provider. Since 2010, we have been delivering the cloud computing that you cannot find from other providers; with strict German data protection, accurate scalability, professional service and perfectly customised technology. Benefit from the unique ProfitBricks cloud experience!

The right cloud for all industry-typical workloads

Every company is different. That’s why a reasonable public cloud needs to match the company’s demands, rather than the other way about. We don’t consider using ready-made packages – in order to maximise the possibilities of the cloud, flexibly scalable cloud computing is the only solution.

This is why ProfitBricks Cloud offers computing that can be adapted to a wide variety of purposes.

> Are you looking for a reliable and powerful e-commerce platform for your online shop?
> As an industrial company, do you need a back end for the Internet of Things (IoT)?
> Do you operate sporadic high-performance computing or real-time rendering, but with maximum server and network capacity?
> Do you want to make your IT more agile and efficient with DevOps and require container systems, micro-services, cloud management and orchestration tools?

We have the perfect solutions ready for these application scenarios.

So that you can really tailor your data center exactly to your requirements, you have a number of options. For example, you can choose between AMD processors and Intel cores, or between SSD and HDD technology for your block storage. However, you can also use modern S3 Object Storage for your backups. And for management, you can use either our intuitive Data Center Designer or the special ProfitBricks-API.

Many customer rely on ProfitBricks

case study

Real-life reports

See here how our customers profit from the advantages of the ProfitBricks Cloud Computing platform and extract the best from their IT infrastructure.

This is what our customers say about us:

Our customers set high standards for their own products. For this purpose, they need a flexibly configurable, scalable infrastructure, which we can offer through ProfitBricks. First and foremost, the ProfitBricks Data Centre Designer makes it possible for us to create and manage virtual data centres that are precisely tailored to each customer’s requirements. An advantage that everybody values highly.
Andreas Eschler,
Managing Director, Netgrow
German data protection

German data protection

Even in the cloud, you must comply with the strict German data protection regulations. With ProfitBricks, it’s not a problem!
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Frost & Sullivan 2014 Best Practices Award Best in Cloud Award - Best Cloud Project 2012 Codie Award-  2014 SIIA Codie Winner - Best Cloud Management Solution CIO Review - 20 Most Promising Cloud Computing Companies CRN - Emerging Vendors 2014 and 2015
Innovationspreis-IT - Best of 2015 - Innitiative Mittelstand - IT-Service Winner Best Cloud Solutions 2015 -  ASCII Group Austin Capital Cloud Award Reader's Choice Hosting Awards 2016 Reader's Choice Service & Hosting Awards 2018