Application Hosting

Companies that want to introduce new applications and systems, plan projects, expand their product range or venture into new markets must first determine whether the size and architecture of the existing IT infrastructure is actually capable of supporting the new challenges. Up to now, if the answer was “no”, it was often only possible to meet these requirements with costly investments in new hardware.

In the age of cloud computing, the question no longer arises. That’s because a scalable, virtual data centre based on IaaS from a cloud computing provider such as ProfitBricks can at any time supply precisely the resources required to ensure seamless operation of all required applications. The virtual data centre is the ideal basis for efficient application hosting.

Application hosting for peak performance

Specific applications require a specific environment

Be it an ERP or CRM system, office and collaboration solutions or additional business applications, databases, web portals or corporate communication – each of these IT applications imposes specific requirements on the hardware environment on which it is to run. To ensure seamless operation and global availability, companies operating their own data centres are forced to continuously adapt their IT infrastructure to meet this requirement, to supply them with upgrades and to keep applications available based on demand. In addition to the administration and maintenance of the data centres, there is the work involved in ensuring their security – a task that calls for constant attention. Working exclusively with physical hardware on-site not only makes this extremely ineffective, but at times also virtually impossible.

Application hosting creates the conditions

Cloud computing providers such as ProfitBrick with their IaaS solutions offer reliable, continuously scalable, and cost-efficient resources in the cloud, on which companies find optimum conditions for hosting their specific corporate applications.

At the same time, IT and other service providers are able to operate customer systems and applications with maximum performance without the need to invest, and to optimise the service to their customers.

The advantages of application hosting in the cloud

In addition to the above-mentioned ability to create precisely the adaptable application environment required to operate internal corporate applications, application hosting with a cloud computing provider offers several added benefits:

  • Conversion of fixed costs into consumption-dependent service charges; only the performance required is paid for.
  • Flexible and continuously scalable use of high-performance systems to operate the widest range of applications.
  • The use of managed application hosting comes with guaranteed system and application support by experienced specialists.
  • Higher security standards for data, applications and systems than on self-managed servers.

Application hosting at ProfitBricks offers even more

Application hosting in the ProfitBricks public cloud offers numerous special advantages that clearly set the service apart from other providers. At ProfitBricks, customers can rely on the fact that all mission-critical applications and systems offer exactly the performance and availability that are required.

  • Simple operation & scalability

    An easy-to-use GUI allows customers to configure their virtual data centre flexibly and accurately at any time and, thanks to ProfitBricks Live Vertical Scaling, optimise it on the fly based on demand. In addition to the Data Centre Designer (DCD), a corresponding cloud API (REST) is available that even allows adjustments to be regulated automatically.

    As a result, even information processing in the field of Big Data is possible at any time without the need to maintain excess computing capacities on a permanent basis. HADOOP clusters can be set up without problems. The hardware expands to meet the requirements of the applications that are operated on it, but can be shut down just as easily when capacity requirements are low.

  • Flexibility

    In the ProfitBricks virtual data centre, all possible corporate applications are operated on every conventional operating system. The Designed Data Centre software from ProfitBricks gives you a virtual environment on which you can install and operate your own applications or make applications with maximum performance and security available to your customers.

  • Cost transparency & cost savings

    At ProfitBricks, billing is calculated to the nearest minute as a consumption-based service cost that considers only the consumption of resources actually used. There is no need for a contract commitment in order to use the ProfitBricks service.

  • Reliability and high availability

    Thanks to InfiniBand network technology used at ProfitBricks as well as the use of an internal network stack, all corporate applications hosted at ProfitBricks are highly available at every location with an Internet connection.

  • Data security and data protection

    Double redundant data storage, 24/7 monitoring of systems as well as the strict adherence to stringent German data protection guidelines are just some of the key points of the ProfitBricks security concept on which customers can depend.