Business Hosting

The selective use of cloud computing solutions in the context of digitalisation not only enables numerous processes in the company to be designed much more effectively, but above all it offers enormous potential to reduce costs. Furthermore, the use of digitalised services from the cloud results in a range of further benefits for companies:

  • Greater flexibility through scalable IT resources such as server equipment with core and RAM or cloud storage.
  • High availability of the IT infrastructure and data stored with the cloud computing provider.
  • Rapid project realisation due to immediate availability of IT resources in line with requirements. Product and service offerings can be brought to market more quickly.
  • Freeing up financial resources by shifting investments to variable costs that are posted as operating expenditure.
  • Cost reduction due to purely use-based payment for IT services.

Who profits from digitalisation with the help of the cloud?

Digitalisation with the help of the cloud is not only suitable for all companies that conduct a large part of their business over the Internet. Digitalised cloud services and processes also offer companies of every size advantages that can be seen in terms of IT flexibility and performance as well as in terms of cost savings.

For major companies, the use of digitalised cloud services and processes provides, first and foremost, an opportunity to increase their global interoperability between the individual heterogeneous systems (business units, branches or divisions). Updates can be carried out in this way in real time across all parts of the company. Ultimately, the need for investment decreases and cost transparency increases.

Smaller and medium-sized companies profit in particular from innovative cloud-based business applications. By using digitalised cloud services, they can take advantage of completely new opportunities to position themselves on the market and to demonstrate their competitiveness compared with large companies. If necessary, they can also access high-performance IT systems without making costly and often risky investments in hardware.

The provision of scalable IT infrastructure by a cloud computing provider such as ProfitBricks gives SMEs the opportunity to enhance their flexibility and agility, to process business operations quickly and effectively, but also to realise new business ideas and projects without time delays. Startups, for which actual resource requirements over the year can rarely be estimated accurately in advance, also profit from the scalability of individual resource capacities.

Security when using digitalised services and business processes in the cloud

Redundant storage solutions, which are regularly used in cloud computing, ensure maximum availability and failsafe performance. Nevertheless, some companies still harbour significant doubts regarding the security of data used in cloud computing.

For this reason, users who want to use cloud computing solutions for their digitalised cloud services and processes must begin by clarifying the question as to which applications are compatible with the cloud. Accessing the cloud does not automatically mean outsourcing all applications to the cloud. Data that is particularly security-relevant can remain on separate storage solutions in the company itself, while the most memory-intensive and demanding processes in terms of hardware are realised by the data centre in the cloud. This is what we describe as the hybrid cloud. However, medium-sized companies in particular must answer the question as to whether the data can really be better managed and secured in house than by a professional operator of certified data centres that employs dedicated security and 24/7 support teams. In most cases, the security standards at cloud providers are much higher than “in house”.

Digitalised cloud services and processes with ProfitBricks IaaS solutions

ProfitBricks offers a highly available cloud infrastructure on which companies of all sizes and business orientation can set up their demand-driven, virtualised Software Defined Data Centre to execute their specific business applications under optimum system parameters. The data centre in the cloud can also expand with the project at any time. The palette of applications ranges from simple departmental solutions through to company-wide business communication applications and all the way to operating complete CRM and ERP systems for customer management and for mapping business processes.

Flexible, cost-effective web hosting solutions for startups and small companies with growth potential or fluctuating order situations are very easy to implement. Likewise, operating web shops with a variable product range and fluctuating visitor numbers or using virtual hardware to host their own company-wide collaborative solutions is possible.

IT service providers, system vendors but also service providers profit in the same way because they have a cost-effective opportunity to increase their product portfolio. They have the option of operating as cloud providers themselves – presenting their customers with tailored, permanently flexible work environments and new service offerings. Our expertise in operating business applications on IaaS solutions allows you to profit as our customer while at the same time integrating these applications into your service and passing them on to your customers.

A glance at the overview of our partners clearly shows which applications and business models can be realised using our IaaS solutions.

Customers who decide to use ProfitBricks cloud hosting solutions are not taking on any risks. Not only do they have an opportunity to test the service thoroughly free of charge – they also receive free comprehensive 24/7 support from trained system administrators, who can provide further assistance with all issues relating to the implementation of digitalised cloud services and processes.