Cloud Hosting provider ProfitBricks – easy, inexpensive, quick

Cloud Hosting provides companies new opportunities. You can now tackle projects for which there was no capacity in the past. You can also let your IT infrastructure grow as you do, and you do not need to worry about new developments. You can take major steps towards the future with comparably low investment. There is a wide variety of reasons why our customers choose the cloud hosting variant for example:

  • Web hosting
  • File hosting
  • Application hosting
  • E-mail hosting
  • Database hosting
Regardless of which goal you are pursuing, ProfitBricks has the right infrastructure available for you – at favourable prices and with an exceptionally high level of performance. Our data centres are equipped with only the latest technology, which was put together with extra focus on cloud hosting requirements. Therefore, in direct performance comparison with main competitors, our results are on average twice as fast – and for much lower costs.

At ProfitBricks, cloud hosting is only one part of our extensive cloud computing offer. With powerful cores, individually scalable RAM and virtual networks, you can transfer the entire infrastructure of a data centre to the cloud. Benefit from the agile systems and excellent service of a real IaaS provider.

Cloud Hosting vs. Dedicated Hosting

If you rent capacity with a dedicated hosting provider, you receive a dedicated, physical server assigned within a data centre. In general, you can configure this in advance precisely for your needs and then rent it for a certain period of time. But what if your requirements change? In that case, cloud hosting demonstrates its advantages.

Advantages of cloud hosting:

  • Flexibly changeable
  • No commitment
  • Precise costs
  • Double redundancy

If you opt for Hosting in the Cloud, you will receive your computing capacity from a pool. Your virtual servers are not limited to a physical instance but are freely scalable across the complete data centre. This means that no capacity is wasted, which in turn saves costs. You pay only for exactly the computing power that you actually need, and not fix for unused capacity, as you would with dedicated hosting. In addition, you can make modifications whenever necessary. Through Live Vertical Scaling (LVS), adapting resources is possible even during operation. In contrast, with a pre-configured package you are committed to its conditions.

As cloud hosting makes it possible to change the conditions at any time, this results in no permanent commitments. The resources can be decreased, upscaled or cancelled at any time. You pay only for the capacity that you actually use. You will not find any long-term contracts at ProfitBricks.

Cloud hosting also scores points in the area of security and availability. Redundant systems are much easier to set up with the cloud options. With double redundancy, companies that rely on cloud hosting are better prepared for hardware failures. These are also much more likely with dedicated hosting. For price reasons, providers in this area rely on low-cost hardware that is prone to errors. This cannot happen with a cloud hoster such as ProfitBricks.

Perfect for Businesses: Cloud-Hosting solutions

As a cloud hosting provider, ProfitBricks helps companies with ongoing digitalisation. Cloud opportunities in the form of computing, network and storage make cloud hosting especially interesting for ambitious companies. Through IaaS, IT infrastructure can grow together with the company. Those who rely on cloud hosting no longer need to forecast capacity. In addition, the high initial costs for dedicated hardware are not necessary.

Reaction speed is another factor that speaks in favour of cloud hosting. These days, it is fatal if, as a company, you cannot respond quickly enough. Purchasing new hardware and implementing this takes time and causes temporary failures as a rule. This is not the case with cloud hosting. You can very quickly add further resources to your server system for new projects. This gives SMEs and start-ups more flexibility to better position themselves on the market. However, the cloud also has advantages for large companies. Globally operating companies connect online through cloud hosting with different locations, departments and divisions: interoperability with cost savings at the same time.

Application Hosting

The hosting in the cloud of an application has particular advantages. With a virtual data centre, the desired applications always have the necessary capacity. When switching to new programmes or developing company applications, it is often a problem that hardware, in a traditional data centre on-site, quickly reaches its capacity limits. Cloud hosting for software always provide the right hardware environment for SaaS applications.

Numerous application scenarios are possible:

  • ERP systems
  • CRM software
  • Office programmes
  • Collaborative solutions
  • And many more business applications

Therefore, it is beneficial for companies to take advantage of cloud opportunities and to host software online.

Made in Germany: cloud hosting from Germany

When dealing with cloud hosting, some companies are concerned about the security and privacy of their sensitive data. With ProfitBricks, you are contracting with a company based in Germany. Naturally, you can also select to use data centres in Germany. With this, we guarantee German data protection that you might not benefit from with other providers. Foreign cloud hosting providers, who operate data centres in Germany, are often subject to the laws of their home country, or use shaky legal constructs, such as the Privacy Shield.

Data protection in Germany is so strong for a good reason. Your company and your customers’ (personal) data is extremely valuable. Therefore, we at ProfitBricks apply the highest security standards. The data centres whose services we use are certified in accordance with security standard ISO 27001. This means that the IT security is verified by an independent assessor. Since 2017, ProfitBricks has also been part of the Alliance for Cyber Security of the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI). Together with the other parties in the Alliance, we want to ensure more awareness of IT security, and develop solutions to cyber crime. As an IaaS provider, we see ourselves as being responsible for creating a secure environment for your data traffic.