Cloud Hosting at ProfitBricks

Cloud hosting along with cloud computing refer to the provision of computing capacities in a data centre of a cloud provider. Cloud hosting can be differentiated in several respects from other hosting services.

Cloud Hosting vs. Dedicated Hosting

Cloud Hosting offers a range of advantages over Dedicated Hosting:

  • Changes with regard to the computing requirements can be achieved dynamically. There is no need to plan computing capacities in advance, and there are no long-term lease agreements.
  • Redundant systems are easier to set up, which means that greater availability and failsafe performance of the systems can be achieved.
  • In addition to the (virtual) servers, modern cloud hosting also includes virtual networking as a service. A basic prerequisite for professional server infrastructure.
  • Only computing capacity that is actually used is billed.

Dedicated hosting refers to a scenario where the provider operates server farms and leases individual or multiple servers to its customers. The customer is granted access to a very specific – dedicated – server instance that he or she can operate and manage remotely. These servers are generally manufactured using cheap hardware for price reasons and offer limited to no redundancy systems; they are poorly protected against hardware failure.

This service is normally provided on the basis of long-term contracts, usually paid for in the form of flat monthly fees.

In cloud hosting, the provider also makes computing capacity available to its customer, but does so from a pool of machines rather than on a specific physical machine. The customer leases virtual servers, the number and size of which can be adapted dynamically to suit current requirements.

Application Hosting

Application Hosting in the Public Cloud of ProfitBricks brings a variety of special advantages, which clearly distinguish the service from other providers. With ProfitBricks, customers can be confident that all business-critical applications and systems offer exactly the performance and availability that is required.

Business Hosting

With cloud computing, the digitalisation of business processes with regard to IT provision and IT operations is also in full swing; a process that is bringing about a complete change and the modernisation of virtually every company in almost every industry. More and more companies are recognizing the diverse possibilities that result from the use of a virtualised IT infrastructure for digitalisation and are using Infrastructure as a Service solutions (IaaS) to implement their business requirements.

Companies that work with business-critical applications take high risks, such as, e.g. The risk of failure of the systems, the server and the Internet connection as well as security risks. Even short failures can cause a great economic damage. Business hosting covers these critical issues. Cloud hosting solutions used by ProfitBricks in business, help companies cut IT costs and make numerous processes more effective.