What is Private Cloud?

The private cloud is a special server environment that provides for just one user (a company or an organisation) and is usually operated in-house. It is accessed either via the internet or an in-house intranet.

There are various types of provision in cloud computing. The definition of the terms "private cloud" and "public cloud" were first published in 2009 in the USA by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), and are now the generally accepted standard.

A false sense of security in the private cloud

Security aspects are often cited as a reason for use of a private cloud, as security-relevant data and applications remain in the company and are stored in enclosed areas. However, this neglects the fact that the main cause of loss of sensitive data is not direct access to the physical server, but unauthorised access via data connections. That is why operators of a private cloud often have a false sense of security.

The best protection against this risk is not steel and concrete, but an up-to-date security concept and continuous monitoring of data traffic and data security. Yet many operators of a private cloud often cannot afford the necessary expenditure on material and staff in this form.

Alternatively, there are providers of a public cloud with complex security concepts and in-house experts who constantly handle monitoring and backup of data.