ProfitBricks cloud server: tailored server solutions for your company

If you are in search of server resources that you can use and control from anywhere at your discretion, you are in the right place with ProfitBricks. As a pioneering cloud provider, our IaaS solutions (Infrastructure as a Service) provide you with virtual servers whose computing power can be adapted to your needs at any time. You can combine your cloud server with additional online network components such as virtualized load balancers, firewalls or switches, and in this way you can assemble and operate your own data centre.

Rent a cloud server and scale to meet demand

While many cloud provider offer their server hardware in fixed standard sizes, with ProfitBricks, you have the option to freely and separately configure key performance parameters such as CPU cores and RAM. With Live Vertical Scaling (LVS), infrastructure can be adjusted even on the fly – interruption-free and without downtime. This ensures that you can purchase exactly the resources that match your requirements at any time. In addition, because you pay only for the hardware capacity that you have actually used, the cloud server your company is always as cost-effective as possible.

The range of services available consists of the following:

  • Processor performance: 1 to 62 cores
  • RAM: 0.25 to 240 GB RAM
  • Hard disk storage: 10 GB to 16 TB storage per device with up to 8 storage devices per server

Be prepared for all eventualities with ProfitBricks cloud server

The degree of capacity utilisation for your servers in the cloud varies depending on the purpose. This means that critical situations that lead to a capacity overload are rarely foreseeable. While you do not have any quick fixes at a time such as this when using dedicated hardware, with the virtual ProfitBricks structures and Live Vertical Scaling you are ideally equipped for such cases. You temporarily reserve additional storage systems and CPUs and reduce resources again when traffic has normalised, without having to restart the server once.

Simple management of cloud resources via web interface

To simplify tuning your cloud server, with the ProfitBricks Data Center Designer (DCD), we have developed a software solution that makes it possible for you to assemble or change your virtual infrastructure in just a few steps. The DCD provides you with a clear graphical user interface via which all components can be dragged and dropped to the selected space and networked with a click of the mouse. Add additional resources using the scroll bar or reduce the server capacity if you are not satisfied with the current hardware configuration.

As a customer, the Data Centre Designer is available to you for free. Alternatively, you can also manage the cloud server for your business using our modern REST APIs

Windows or Linux cloud server: you decide!

Even when it comes to administering your IaaS cloud environment, with ProfitBricks you can enjoy every freedom. This means that you can choose both Windows and Linux as the operating system for your server(s). In the DCD, different image files (e.g. for Windows Server, Debian and Ubuntu) are available for this purpose so that the selected system can be installed without any problems. However, you also have the option to upload your own OS image, if the desired system programme is not in the selection.

Top speed in your own ProfitBricks virtual network

If you rent a cloud server with ProfitBricks, you benefit not only from outstanding scalability and usability, but also from the first-class performance of our IaaS cloud computing. Your virtual data centre offers all the same functions as a physical data centre and, furthermore, it shows the strengths of Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Software Defined Storage (SDS). Both of these concepts, for software-supported management of components and data storage systems in the network, and the InfiniBand connection architecture that we use ensure signal rates of up to 80 Gbit/s and data transmission rates of up to 64 Gbit/s. Therefore, our cloud server structures offer, for example, a transmission speed that is eight times as fast as the current fastest Ethernet of 10 Gbit/s.

Your data in safe hands

When you choose ProfitBricks, you can trust in the security of your data. As a cloud provider with headquarters and data centres in Germany, we support you, also in our own interest, by complying with the strict German data protection laws. Starting with the registration process, each time your data stored with us is accessed, this is carried out exclusively via encrypted connections (SSL/TLS) together with up-to-date firewall systems in order to ensure the best possible protection for your servers in the cloud (including all of the stored data).

ProfitBricks uses state-of-the-art data centres in Karlsruhe and Frankfurt am Main, Germany. These are characterised by their excellent security and availability concepts, which correspond to the ISO-27001 standard (the facility in Frankfurt is also ISO-9001 certified). This means that access control systems and trained security personnel on site ensure the hardware’s security, which is also protected by measures such as redundant power supplies, fire protection and optimum climate control.

Furthermore, ProfitBricks also offers you IT resources from the USA. Our two North American data centres in Las Vegas and New Jersey are also available when you select the server location. If you are operating your cloud server for users or customers in America, they benefit from the good performance of the local infrastructure, which promises optimum delivery speed.