ProfitBricks Cloud Server

Cloud servers are virtual servers, whose computing power and storage capacity are provided via the cloud. They are addressed by means of a public data connection and behave from a user perspective just as if they were physical servers. Cloud servers are offered by a cloud provider in the context of cloud computing. These can be cloud Linux servers, such as Ubuntu servers in the cloud or cloud Windows servers. ProfitBricks operates as a cloud provider of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and provides cloud servers both as cloud Linux servers as well as cloud Windows servers and additional virtualised network components such as load balancers, firewalls and switches as completely virtual data centres in the context of cloud hosting. The physical instances on which this is based are located in a data centre in Germany. Therefore, they meet the highest standards of data protection and data security in the cloud.

Cloud server configuration: free configuration of cloud server resources

Most cloud computing providers offer virtual servers in defined standard sizes. Consequently, the virtual server resources do not generally meet the customer’s requirements and offer either too much or too little capacity. At ProfitBricks, key performance parameters such as CPU cores and RAM can be separately configured exactly in line with demand. This means that optimum performance is provided at minimum cost.

ProfitBricks cloud servers can be freely configured:

  • 1 to 62 Cores
  • 0,25 to 240 GB RAM
  • 10 GB to 16 TB Storage per device with up to 8 storage devices per server
ProfitBricks customers have the freedom to network the components of a virtual data centre together and to change their network configuration dynamically to suit their requirements. In this case, the ProfitBricks cloud servers are not offered as pre-configured units, but are themselves flexibly configurable in an endless number of combinations of cores, RAM and memory. The ProfitBricks cloud storage components feature double redundant connections and therefore offer a high degree of data security. Billing is calculated to the nearest minute based on the currently provisioned status of the Software Defined Data Centre (SDDC).

Cloud servers scalable at runtime

ProfitBricks cloud servers can be configured so that they change their characteristics while in operation. This is like installing a new CPU, RAM module or hard disk in a physical server while it is running. In the critical scenario in which a server in danger of collapsing due to excessive load, it is possible to add new resources in this way on the fly, thus preventing the collapse of the system. ProfitBricks calls this technology Live Vertical Scaling. Live Vertical Scaling let you deploy the best cloud server infrastructure available every time your infrastructure suffers high loads.