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Infrastructure as a Service

Cloud Computing and its transformative affects on a company’s Information Technology processes, budgets, software and hardware deployments is one of the biggest stories of 2015. In fact, it’s estimated that Europe’s total cloud expenditures will be upwards of €600 billion by 2020. The pressure to be more agile and leverage technology to drive new initiatives while taking advantage of the inherent benefits of cloud computing (rapid IT deployments, OPEX vs. CAPEX spending, automation) is increasing.

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Inside HPC

ProfitBricks: The next-generation of IaaS

Over at Datacenter Knowledge, Jason Verge writes that ProfitBricks“second generation of cloud infrastructure” seeks to differentiate itself with the ability to provide both vertical and horizontal scale, flexibility in the network, and build-your-own virtual datacenters.

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ProfitBricks says it can out-Amazon Amazon’s cloud

ProfitBricks is nothing if not ambitious: It plans to take on Amazon(s amzn) in massively scalable cloud infrastructure. That’s  no mean feat, but Bob Rizika, CEO of ProfitBricks USA, says the company — which launches cloud services in the U.S. this week — is attacking it from a position of strength.

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Cloud Newbie ProfitBricks tries to Undercut Amazon on Price

Sharp price reductions in ProfitBrick’s cloud services have raised concerns from giant distributors such as Amazon. Industry analyst Michael Facemire sees the move as of high significance. He says that developers’ community is now much more inclined to ‘follow known working patterns’ rather than endorse brands.

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TMCnet Bloggers

ProfitBricks: Where InfiniBand Meets Cloud 2.0

In a recent meeting with William Toll and Pete Johnson of ProfitBricks, the pair were ecstatic to explain how their company has developed public cloud 2.0 – in other words this is not your father’s cloud. Now you might be thinking cloud is cloud is cloud – especially when it comes to the public variety but the company thinks differently and they make a compelling case as to why their solution is far better.

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Diversity Limited

Cloud and Flexibility, Is It a Technology Problem or a Business One?

The rise of Infrastructure as a Service got the world used to on demand, utility services that correlate perfectly with an organization’s particular demand profile Indeed one of the key value propositions that all cloud infrastructure vendors articulate is that, whereas in the fast infrastructure needed to be purchased in distinct blocks that didn’t relate to gradual demand increases, with IaaS an organization can achieve that beautiful thing, a demand line that correlates exactly to a usage profile.

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The Clouds, They Are a Changin’

Amid all the year-end stories and commentary highlighting the way the cloud is changing enterprise data environments, one key factor has been overlooked: The cloud itself is evolving, further complicating the long-held relationships between users, the enterprise and data itself.

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