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Cloud Computing 2.0 – The Future of the Cloud Infrastructure

Where is Cloud Computing Going – In Technical and Market Development Terms? What has happened to the original promise of providing continuously available and scalable resources on demand at a favourable price?

The comparison of the 1st and 2nd-generation of Infrastructure-as-a-Service offerings reveals the direction in which the technology has developed and how the market is growing.

Cloud Computing and On-Demand Infrastructure: 1995 to Today – History of Cloud Computing From Shared Hosting to Dedicated Servers to Cloud Computing 2.0

You’ve heard that “Cloud Computing” has been around for a long time and it’s just a new name for what we have had for a while – on-demand infrastructure.  This Infographic looks at the history since the Internet went mainstream in the mid-90′s.

Cloud Computing and SaaS - Software Delivery in 2013 – IaaS and SaaS Cloud Computing Come Together To Re-Define How Software Is Deployed and Delivered

Businesses of all sizes are now embracing SaaS, but IT managers continue to grapple with the challenge of scaling their cloud infrastructure to effectively meet changing demands. Access this Infographic to learn how SaaS differs from other software delivery models, the history of SaaS, SaaS growth drivers, and the future of cloud computing.

Gaming Development Financial Realities: Gaming Software Development Is Big Business Budgets and Funding Sources

As thin clients in browsers, on laptops, or on mobile devices, continue to grow in popularity, they need a back-end to store data and process large environment mechanics, while the front end focuses on graphics and the human interactions.