White Papers

The white papers of ProfitBricks show you the benefits of the public cloud for your IT operations.

ProfitBricks Cost of IT Infrastructure

Cost of IT Infrastructure

How to Understand the True Cost of running IT Infrastructure

ProfitBricks Generation Cloud

Generation Cloud

The Market for MSPs and System Integrators in Transition

ProfitBricks Migration to the Cloud

Migrating to the Cloud

Migration in Five Steps

ProfitBricks Public Cloud

Public Cloud

The Key to a Successful Digital Transformation

ProfitBricks Service Management

Service Management in the Public Cloud

Sourcing within the Digital Transformation

ProfitBricks Technical Paper

Technical Paper

An Introduction to ProfitBricks VDC

 The Secret World of Cloud IaaS Pricing

The Secret World of Cloud IaaS Pricing

How to Compare Apples and Oranges Among Cloud Providers