IaaS Benchmarks

Test our performance!

A key aspect of every Infrastructure as a Service offering is the infrastructure performance. At first glance, the offers on the market appear to compare well: each offers cores, RAM and storage space. Yet although these parameters are virtually identical on paper, there is no automatic guarantee that you will actually receive the same performance. They can be worlds apart. The ProfitBricks infrastructure is on average twice as fast as the main competitor. And costs only half as much. Sound impossible? Test it with your own workload. Completely free of charge.

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Performance tests with standard benchmarks

Despite costing less, ProfitBricks servers are faster than those of Amazon and Rackspace. Cloud Spectator recently used benchmark tests to demonstrate that ProfitBricks is twice as fast. View the results of the tests against the DBench, UNIXBench and iPerf benchmarks.

Why do such differences arise?

The basic technology used by IaaS providers is entirely different. Whereas some providers use systems developed five years ago and more, ProfitBricks uses a proprietary network technology that corresponds to the current state of the art.

Many providers use hardware systems that are already part of the inventory and have been written off (e.g. decommissioned dedicated servers’). In this way, they avoid the high cost of replacing all of the existing hardware with modern systems – and make you pay high prices for old technology. In contrast, the ProfitBricks data centres are equipped with modern hardware that is specially adapted for IaaS applications.

 The fact that they are affordable despite this is reflected in the outstanding price/performance ratio of the ProfitBricks infrastructure: double the performance, half the price.

In addition to the technology and the hardware, however, the performance of an IaaS provider also depends on the application you use. Depending on the operating system, programming language, framework or database, your application may suffer performance bottlenecks in a specific sub-area of performance, which means that you must expect ongoing performance deficits with certain providers.

Test IaaS objectively under real-life conditions

To truly ascertain what level of performance you can expect from a specific IaaS provider, we recommend installing your application on a test system where you can measure the speed objectively. Only in this way can you effectively determine the performance and achieve a realistic comparison of prices from different providers.

Also check the continuity of IaaS performance

The performance of some providers may fluctuate significantly over time. For example, if the instances are used by multiple customers, your service with this type of provider may be restricted if other customers are generating a heavy load. ProfitBricks gives you the performance of the IaaS infrastructure exclusively and reliably in dedicated instances.

Our recommendation: always test the performance of your systems over a longer period so that you can effectively evaluate the continuity of the service provided.