E-Commerce/Online Retail

These days, the right IT infrastructure is by far the most important prerequisite for your successful on-line business. Whether you are operating a web shop or an on-line portal or whether you see the Internet as an important pillar of your omni-channel distribution business: You need a highly secure, ultra-reliable solution with 24/7 availability that can also adapt quickly and seamlessly to your needs, even under changing conditions, and that scales automatically to meet shifting loads. Naturally, all of this must be possible at an extremely attractive price – in best case in a real IaaS public cloud from Germany with the highest cloud security.

ProfitBricks E-Commerce

The right cloud computing for your online business

When choosing the right IT infrastructure, you need to ask yourself a few questions that have an enormous impact on your business success:
  • What loads is our IT designed to handle?
  • How good is our website performance?
  • Can we access extra capacity at short notice for special campaigns and seasonal peaks?
  • What is online availability around the clock costing us in its current form?
  • Can we guarantee the necessary security and data protection regulations?
  • We want to grow. How can our IT resources grow easily and reliably?
  • How can we automate operations to relieve the burden on our IT specialists?
ProfitBricks Availability 24/7

Always available – no matter what you are planning

Nobody can afford failures because they lead to lost sales and customers, who ultimately also lose faith in you as a provider. This makes trouble-free availability of your IT infrastructure absolutely mission-critical for your online business.

The cloud solution from ProfitBricks puts your IT infrastructure under professional control. That’s because you receive a virtual data centre featuring your choice of dedicated AMD or Intel® Cores with hyper-threading and highly responsive SSD storage. The experts at ProfitBricks look after availability and security – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
ProfitBricks Live Vertical Scaling

Fast and flexible scalability – even in the face of unanticipated demand

Thanks to the high scalability of the ProfitBricks cloud, you can set up your virtual data centre quickly and easily. In the event of increasing demands on your system, such as during a scheduled special campaign, you can also deploy additional resources without interrupting operations. These can also be scaled back again when they are no longer required.

Naturally, the demand for IT resources cannot always be anticipated. Particularly in the case of new business, for instance, you need flexibility in order to deal with all eventualities. ProfitBricks Live Vertical Scaling makes it easy for you to absorb short-term load peaks without your customers noticing. An excellent basis for your commercial growth without IT risk.

High performance – with the right technology

In addition to highly responsive SSD storage, ProfitBricks relies on InfiniBand used in high-performance computing when it comes to network technology. This ensures that your workloads are swiftly processed and that your web shop or on-line portal can respond to customer queries quickly at all times. IP failover and mirrored systems ensure optimum redundancy. ProfitBricks Cloud Computing behaves like real hardware. Real cores by AMD or Intel deliver full performance – at any time. With sophisticated techniques such as fail-over IP and availability zones, you are building robust IaaS public cloud infrastructures to build a solid foundation for your online business, based on the highest cloud security.

Clearly predictable, billed depending on use

The ProfitBricks price model is simple and affordable. Billing is calculated to the nearest minute based on just four price points: Cores, RAM, Storage and Traffic. This means that you can calculate the costs of your IT infrastructure in the ProfitBricks cloud accurately in advance. The costs adapt along with your virtual data centre to your needs because you only pay for what you actually need. In the medium and long term, you will not only benefit from learning curve and scale effects by optimizing the use of the IaaS Public Cloud, but also save money on future investments in hardware.

Sensitive customer data needs data protection made in Germany

Sensitive customer data require German data protection and no cloud under the difficult to understand 'Privacy Shield'. Your customer data is your capital and must therefore be processed absolutely secure. However, only a German company that must comply with strict German privacy laws can offer this. As a German cloud provider, ProfitBricks is based in Germany and, as a purely German company, also runs its two data centers in Germany. Real German data protection in the cloud for the middle class and larger companies, and not just an offer from the half shadow of the 'Privacy Shield'. A particularly noteworthy advantage for cloud computing and cloud hosting from Germany. You can find more about German data protection in our data protection portal.
Rationalization through platform automation

Agile work and rationalization through platform automation

Agile working allows your on-line business to respond quickly when necessary. And strong competitive pressure necessitates the continuous improvement of trading platforms. A cloud infrastructure such as the one from ProfitBricks, which offers SDKs for all manner of modifications, provides microservices, supports the use of software containers from Docker, for example, and is compatible with open-source technologies, helps you to continuously adapt your on-line trading activities to fluctuating needs. Modern REST APIs simplify deployment. Use the Activity Log to log every relevant operation, for example, to analyse minor errors.
At VeggiePur, for example, there were exactly 45 visitors in the last hour before the show; Respectable, but hardly comparable. If the traffic then increases and the infrastructure fails, the marketing catastrophe comes: the potential customers are interested, but can neither inform nor order.