Financial Services and Insurers

Today’s banking and insurance clients demand increasingly better digital services and applications. As a company in the financial services and insurance sector, you need to respond to these changing customer requirements, for example, to future-proof your business against other fintechs as well. Comprehensive data analyses help you gain a better understanding of your customers and offer new services. For your IT, this means considering new ways to create the ideal infrastructure for the new financial technologies and to take full advantage of the opportunities presented by digitalisation. Furthermore, it is essential to ensure customer confidence in the security and handling of sensitive data.  

ProfitBricks Cloud Computing for financial services

Cloud Computing and Cloud Security for Financial Services

Choosing the right IT infrastructure and platform is vital not only when it comes to exploiting the opportunities of digitalisation, but also for keeping track of issues such as security and data sensitivity. With this in mind, there are some important questions you need to address:
  • How quickly can our current IT environment react to changes?
  • How do we deal with legacy processes?
  • How can we use and effectively integrate the advantages of the cloud in our IT landscape?
  • How can we ensure the necessary security and data protection standards?
  • Do we have the necessary IT resources and performance for more comprehensive data analyses and calculations?
  • Is our IT sufficiently flexible and adaptable to allow the implementation of new ideas and services?
  • How do we design the regulatory framework and ensure adherence to compliance directives?
ProfitBricks flexibility and reliability

High flexibility and reliability

With ProfitBricks Cloud Computing, you are combining one of the greatest advantages of the cloud, its exceptional flexibility, with the need for exceptional reliability: Your IT infrastructure can always be adapted to meet your own current requirements and those of your customers. You reserve precisely the resources that you need, customised to your current requirements. A ProfitBricks virtual data centre functions like a bricks-and-mortar data centre with real, dedicated cores. Optimum redundancy with the help of IP failover and mirrored systems ensure the requisite failsafe performance around the clock at the two ProfitBricks data centres at different locations in Germany. If required, the German-speaking expert 24/7 service provides support free of charge.
ProfitBricks scalability for traffic peaks

Scalability for traffic peaks and intermittent requirements

Whenever you need additional resources and computing power, a ProfitBricks virtual data centre equips you for all eventualities. That’s because resources can be made available within minutes, without interrupting operations and with the special Live Vertical Scaling. This gives you access to powerful computing capacity at short notice for comprehensive analyses or unscheduled load peaks. Once it is no longer required, you can switch it off again. As a result, you retain flexibility and adaptability at all times, even for new developments and challenges.
High performance with real-time optimisation

High performance with real-time optimisation

ProfitBricks virtual servers with the computing power of up to 62 AMD cores or 27 Intel® cores with hyper-threading combine with the fast storage system and InfiniBand network technology to deliver the high performance your projects need. Real-time optimisation and rapid storage in the ProfitBricks cloud infrastructure also support comprehensive data analyses.

To ensure reliable communication between all components, the devices in the ProfitBricks cloud infrastructure interact with one another based on symmetric cryptosystems such as AES or ECC-based SSL handshakes.
German data protection, certified data centres

German data protection, certified data centres

Two data centres at differing locations in Germany ensure the requisite redundancy for your virtual server. Unlike non-German providers, ProfitBricks is bound by German security and data protection legislation and must ensure that it is complied with. As a result, your sensitive data is protected in accordance with strict German directives. Data is accessed only on completion of a contract data processing agreement. Certification in accordance with SOC, PCI-DSS, DIN/ISO/IEC is being targeted and implemented and verifies the requisite standards of the ProfitBricks cloud solution for your financial services.
ProfitBricks  -  Individual support and contractual arrangement

Individual support and contractual arrangement

Binding codes of conduct and legal regulations – summarized in the form of compliance – are increasingly covering all areas of business activity. ProfitBricks understands that the most flexible IT is of little use if credit institutions and insurers still have to agree watertight regulations for their dealings with and activities in the cloud in the interests of their clients and for reasons of compliance. For this reason, we are more than willing to cater to your individual business requirements.