Industry 4.0

These days, the term “Industry 4.0” stands for the networked and data-driven world of fast flexible and globally coordinated production. In the age of digitalisation, it is essential to use the new possibilities on offer effectively. Consequently, digitalisation is an important step, for example, to enable quicker time to market, optimised production processes and more individual customer services. In this regard, the communication platform required plays a central role in the networking of devices and machines and the suitable IT infrastructure. The data extracted must be stored, analysed and further used accordingly.

On the way to Industry 4.0, manufacturing companies face many digital challenges. You can find out more about what these are and what is necessary to master these successfully, in the article "Digitalisation in the Industry 4.0".

Cloud computing – ideal for networked production

Cloud computing – ideal for networked production

When deciding on the correct IT strategy for your networked production processes or new digital services, you should ask yourself some questions that could be of decisive importance for success:
  • How must our IT infrastructure be configured to advance the virtualisation of our production processes?
  • How can we make our production process more flexible and faster in order to generate competitive advantages?
  • What IT resources do we need for data storage and analysis?
  • Can we ensure the necessary availability and performance to ensure the success of our production projects?
  • Do we have sufficient IT resources and manpower to do this?
  • Is our IT sufficiently flexible and adaptable to implement new ideas and developments?
ProfitBricks, the flexible infrastructure platform for the digitalised factory

ProfitBricks, the flexible infrastructure platform for the digitalised factory

Flexibility is one of the key characteristics required by Industry 4.0. This is precisely where the requirement of digital production encounters one of the most important advantages of cloud computing. ProfitBricks Live Vertical Scaling gives you access to the exact IT resources you need for each project and lets you deactivate them when they are no longer required. Extra storage space or extra bandwidth can easily be deployed. You are billed only for what you actually need.
Performance and connectivity for the highest standards

Performance and connectivity for the highest standards

A ProfitBricks virtual data centre functions like a bricks-and-mortar data centre with real, dedicated cores, high-speed SSD storage and InfiniBand network technology used in high-performance computing. The virtual servers offer the computing power of up to 62 AMD cores or 27 Intel® cores, enough to handle even the most demanding projects. Real-time optimisation and rapid storage in the ProfitBricks cloud infrastructure support the processing and analysis of data volumes. All communication between components is implemented based on symmetric cryptosystems such as AES or with ECC-based SSL handshakes.

Deploying additional IT resources on the fly

High loads, unexpected traffic peaks or the provision of additional resources for comprehensive data analyses are easily dealt with using the ProfitBricks cloud solution. That’s because you can quickly and easily add IT resources dynamically, if necessary, within minutes and without interrupting operations. This ensures maximum flexibility in the virtual production process wherever it is required.
ProfitBricks failsafe performance and expert service

Failsafe performance and expert service

With two data centres at different locations in Germany as well as optimum redundancy by means of IP failover and mirrored systems, ProfitBricks ensures the requisite failsafe performance around the clock. Our IT and security professionals provide 24/7 German-speaking support, if required. The Professional Services Team advises you in detail in advance on all issues relating to migration and setting up your virtual infrastructure and develops a proof-of-concept together with you.
ProfitBricks – Agile working and automation also in virtual prod

Agile working and automation also in virtual production

A cloud infrastructure such as that of ProfitBricks offers the necessary agility for networking your devices and machines. For this purpose, ProfitBricks provides a wide range of SDKs and microservices, allows the deployment of software with container systems such as Docker, and offers efficient control options for your cloud solution with a whole range of REST-based cloud APIs. Digitization can benefit from the use of a real IaaS Public Cloud by a cloud provider from Germany.