IoT – The Internet of Things

The networking of things and humans is currently one of the most exciting business models for many industries – be it car connectivity, smart buildings or IoT logistics. The challenge involves providing the necessary infrastructure to selectively connect one’s own devices via the Internet and to provide them with intelligent IoT services. In particular, it also calls for the ability to process mass data generated by Machine-to-Machine communication (M2M) process as far as possible in real time.

ProfitBricks Cloud Computing for IoT

Cloud Computing for IoT

To ensure the successful planning or use of IoT, you need to ask yourself questions that influence the success of your business:
  • How must my infrastructure be configured to use IoT successfully for our business?
  • Can we ensure the necessary availability and performance to ensure the success of our IoT projects?
  • Do we have sufficient IT resources and manpower to do this?
  • Is our IT sufficiently flexible and adaptable to implement new ideas and developments?
ProfitBricks, the reliable IoT platform

ProfitBricks, the reliable IoT platform

A platform for IoT business must be flexible and extremely reliable in order to network your systems and devices together via the Internet or connect them to a back-end control system. The ProfitBricks cloud offers this reliability based on Open Source with real cores, high-speed SSD storage and InfiniBand, a network technology used in high-performance computing. Optimum redundancy with the help of IP failover and mirrored systems ensure the requisite failsafe performance around the clock. The German-speaking expert 24/7 service supports customers free of charge if required.
High performance and connectivity for modern IoT services

High performance and connectivity for modern IoT services

ProfitBricks virtual servers with the computing power of up to 62 AMD cores or 27 Intel® cores with hyper-threading combine with the fast storage system and InfiniBand network technology to deliver the high performance your IoT projects need. Real-time optimisation and rapid storage using powerful SSD storage in the ProfitBricks cloud infrastructure provide added support.
To ensure reliable communication between all components, the devices in the ProfitBricks cloud infrastructure interact with one another based on symmetric cryptosystems such as AES or ECC-based SSL handshakes.
ProfitBricks IT resources whenever you need them

IT resources whenever you need them

With IoT services, it is not always possible to anticipate precisely when which IT resources are needed. Concerned about high loads or additional resources for comprehensive data analyses to improve your product or service offering? The ProfitBricks cloud solution has you covered. That’s because you can add or remove IT resources, based entirely on current needs. The specialised Live Virtual Scaling function allows you to deploy extra resources quickly and easily – without interrupting current operations. This means you are equipped to deal with unexpected load peaks or unscheduled activities at any time.
ProfitBricks Data volumes and their analysis in real time

Data volumes and their analysis in real time

Systems and machines generate large volumes of data. The greater the volume of data, the longer it takes to store and access when it is processed. The greater the diversity of data, the more varied the insights into complex connections. And: the greater the diversity of data, the more complex it is to evaluate and store on a permanent basis, and the more expensive it is to use and operate the system.

One possible solution to this problem is Hadoop – an Apache framework. Hadoop makes the concept of Big Data suitable for everyday use, and is focused on data variety, data volumes and access speed. The ProfitBricks cloud runs Hadoop clusters with great success. These types of Hadoop clusters can store vast quantities of data, which they can process with enormous speed with the help of a map-reduce algorithm. The latter is possible because the computing power of the individual nodes in the server cluster is used to calculate the requests. In the ProfitBricks cloud, any number of virtual servers can be used for this purpose.