Media and Publishers

Particularly in the age of rapid digitalisation, a high-performance and cost-effective IT system with suitably flexible infrastructures forms the basis of a successful business for media companies. This is because customers expect 24/7 availability of media content. Publishers themselves required quick and reliable access to their own content and databases. No matter how you want to use your data, from content management to providing your digital media portfolio or data analyses – your IT should provide you with cost-effective, secure support with the minimum administrative workload.

ProfitBricks Cloud computing for your media business

Cloud computing for your media business

To identify the right IT strategy in the media business, you need to ask yourself a few questions of strategic importance to your business success:
  • What is the safest and most reliable way of storing our data and content, and what is the associated administrative outlay?
  • What is the performance level of our portal, and how do we deal cost-effectively with load peaks?
  • Do we have sufficient IT resources available for data analyses and new developments, and are we using economies of scale?
  • Is our website optimised for content monetisation, and are we minimizing setup times and remnant costs?
  • Can we ensure the necessary technical security and compliance with data protection regulations?
  • Is 'privacy shield' the right way or should it be the real data protection from a cloud provider from Germany?
ProfitBricks Hosting for web portals

Reliable hosting for web portals

ProfitBricks Cloud Computing behaves like real hardware. Real cores by AMD or Intel® deliver full performance, supported by highly responsive SSD storage. This enables your portal to react immediately at all times to customer accesses. IP failover and mirrored systems ensure redundancy. Failsafe performance is ensured. InfiniBand network technology used in high-performance computing ensures low-latency access and swift processing of the workload. The experts at ProfitBricks ensure reliable availability of the infrastructure platform around the clock, while German-speaking 24/7 support from trained system administrators supports customers free of charge if required. The customer is the master of his or her data at all times.
ProfitBricks Cloud Computing helps reduce costs

ProfitBricks Cloud Computing helps reduce costs

If you are considering paring back your IT costs, you should check out and compare the simple ProfitBricks price model. It comprises just four parameters. How many/much Cores, RAM, Storage and Traffic do you use? You only pay for what you actually need, billed to the nearest minute. Firewalls, IOPs and internal network traffic are included free of charge. Even 24/7 support by experienced system administrators doesn’t cost extra! This makes the prices for the ProfitBricks cloud solution transparent and easily calculable for you. And you will significantly reduce your internal outlay in terms of time and administration.
ProfitBricks – Available resources

Available resources – whenever and for as long as you need them

These days, data is an important asset for every media company. Analysing this data results in a recurring need for additional IT resources for a specific period of time, after which they are no longer required. With the ProfitBricks cloud solution and the special Live Virtual Scaling function, you can deploy the resources required dynamically – even on the fly – for example, if you need to analyse data in real time. If they are no longer required, you can simply switch them off again. No matter what you are planning for your business, ProfitBricks delivers flexible IT scalability that precisely meets your needs.
ProfitBricks German data protection

German data protection for your sensitive customer data

ProfitBricks is a purely German company, which means it can ensure that your sensitive customer data is processed in accordance with German data protection regulations. As a German provider, the company is bound by the strict German data protection standards. This is why ProfitBricks also operates both of its data centres in Germany.

You will find more information about data protection in Germany here. Naturally, ProfitBricks also implements all mandatory provisions of the European General Data Protection Regulation such as the record of processing activities and register of data flows.