Mobile and Web Applications

Today, mobile and web applications are used across numerous industries as a means of making contact with customers and offering or maintaining services. Apps are often important new business fields for established companies and startups alike. This calls for an IT infrastructure for all devices and application possibilities that is not only open but above all flexible, and that can expand to keep pace with the updates and possibilities of the app.

ProfitBricks Cloud computing for mobile and web apps

Cloud computing for mobile and web apps

Developing, launching and expanding mobile apps and web applications places unique demands on your IT. In this context, you should ask yourself some questions that impact on the success of your applications:
  • Do we have the necessary and appropriate IT resources for the development time?
  • How exactly can we schedule these at present, and how much flexibility do we require for this?
  • Can we ensure the necessary availability and performance to ensure that our applications perform to user expectations?
  • Do we have sufficient IT resources and manpower to do this?
  • How do we deal economically with traffic fluctuations and load peaks?
  • Can we automate operations to relieve the burden on our IT specialists?
ProfitBricks - IIT resources for your development

Only the IT resources you actually need for your development

These days, app development must be fast and agile. As a result, it is not always possible to plan in advance when and how which IT resources are required for this development. ProfitBricks Cloud Computing provides you with a virtual data centre in the cloud, which functions just like a physical one. With real cores, dedicated servers and high-speed SSD storage, but with the advantage that you access precisely the resources that you actually require. Live Virtual Scaling by ProfitBricks even lets you increase your capacities on the fly. If they are no longer required during specific development steps or at the end, you can switch them off.
ProfitBricks – High performance for running your applications

High performance for running your applications

With the computing power of up to 62 AMD cores or 27 Intel® cores with hyper-threading together with the high-speed SSD storage system and InfiniBand network technology used in high-performance computing, with everything based on Open Source, the ProfitBricks virtual data centre gives you access to the high performance you need to run your apps. To ensure reliable communication between all components, the devices in the ProfitBricks cloud infrastructure interact with one another based on symmetric cryptosystems such as AES or ECC-based SSL handshakes. This ensures that your application is instantly accessible and can react quickly.
ProfitBricks Security and availability around the clock

Security and availability around the clock

Whether they occur during development or operation, downtimes cost time and money. The two data centres at different locations in Germany and the optimised redundancy concept using IP failover and mirrored systems make ProfitBricks virtual data centres secure and available 24/7. The ProfitBricks Support Team with its trained system administrators assists customers in need free of charge. Our IT and security professionals provide German-speaking support, if required. The Professional Services Team advises you in advance on all issues relating to migration and setting up your virtual infrastructure.
ProfitBricks Flexibility at an outstanding price/performance rat

Flexibility at an outstanding price/performance ratio

The simple and affordable ProfitBricks price model comprises just four price parameters: Cores, RAM, Storage and Traffic. As a result, the IT costs of developing and running your application are low and predictable. That’s because you choose precisely the resources you need, and only when you need really them. Billing is calculated to the nearest minute.