Transport & Logistics

Even the logistics industry cannot avoid the topic of digitalisation. The opportunities resulting from it include new possibilities for the networked control of processors or in the creation of completely new business models. In this context, IT can become the driving force behind business processes and is playing an increasingly central role. Having the right infrastructure is rapidly becoming the decisive competitive factor.

ProfitBricks Cloud Computing for Transport & Logistics

Cloud computing for transport & logistics

These days, logistics and the applications and infrastructures it supports are subject more than ever to the primacy of resource optimisation in the context of change management. Be it container or air freight, rail transport, shipping companies or CEP service providers or indeed the booming area of contract logistics – they are all faced with the need to digitalise complex process chains with the aim of downsizing, thereby saving time and reducing administrative workloads. Naturally, this is accompanied by shorter supply chains and savings in transport costs.

With the growing relevance of IT and IT infrastructure in logistics companies, it makes sense to ask oneself important questions:  
  • How must my infrastructure be configured to utilise the opportunities of digitalisation successfully for our business?
  • Can we ensure the necessary availability and performance to ensure the success of the projects?
  • Do we have sufficient IT resources and manpower to do this?
  • How can we make current and potential processes more efficient?
  • Is our IT sufficiently flexible and adaptable to implement new ideas and developments?
ProfitBricks – Maximum capacities and resources

Maximum capacities and resources for volatile business

The ProfitBricks cloud infrastructure offers a reliable and flexible basis for a highly available and load-peak-tolerant platform for the 24/7 logistics business. Synergies, economies of scale are effectively enhanced.
ProftBricks – High performance and availability

High performance and availability in the ProfitBricks cloud

Control over intelligent sensors, triggering 3D printing, just-in-time delivery with forward planning, collaboration across numerous participating companies – all of this can be operated securely and reliably by means of central coordination in the ProfitBricks cloud data centre.
ProfitBricks – Using new applications reliably and quickly

Using new applications reliably and quickly

Logistics requirements are highly individual and change frequently. DevOps tools and microservices, SDKs for diverse programming languages and a broad palette of frameworks at ProfitBricks facilitate the bespoke configuration of back-end control systems in the public cloud.
Needs-based and manageable – the costs

Needs-based and manageable – the costs

The simple and affordable ProfitBricks price model comprises just four price parameters: Cores, RAM, Storage and Traffic. As a result, the IT costs of developing and running your application are low and predictable. That’s because you choose precisely the resources you need, and only when you need really them. Billing is calculated to the nearest minute.

Our ProfitBricks partners are happy to help should you require expertise for migrating, configuring and managing the platform.