Cloud Storage von ProfitBricks für mehr Sicherheit Ihrer Daten

Cloud storage: more security for your data

Information and data are part of your company’s capital, meaning that a secure and reliable storage solution is even more important. This is why you should store your data online instead of just relying on on-site hardware. Cloud Storage offers you a lot of advantages: It enables secure backups, ensures a high level of availability and allows flexible storage sizes and scalable prices. ProfitBricks offers two solutions: Cloud Block storage (HDD or SSD) and ProfitBricks S3 Object Storage.

ProfitBricks offers two solutions:
Cloud block storage (as HDD or SSD) & ProfitBricks S3 object storage.

Cloud Block Storage von ProfitBricks

Cloud Block Storage

Solid and extremely efficient: With HDD and SSD technology, you set up your cloud storage in the way that is most useful for your company. With block storage by ProfitBricks, you benefit from quick access times and secure and permanent storage, as well as the highest data protection standards.
ProfitBricks S3 Object Storage

ProfitBricks S3 Object Storage

Affordable and with multiple areas of application, cloud storage in accordance with S3 standards is an ideal solution for backing up your company data. The modern storage system offers a high level of user-friendliness and follows stringent data protection conditions. It will impress you too!
ProfitBricks Doppelt redundanter Cloud-Speicher

Security comes first: double redundant cloud storage

A cloud can change fundamentally  how companies deal with IT. Instead of investing large sums in hardware and recruiting specialists, which can be difficult, you can migrate storage, computing and networks to online and, if necessary, use managed service providers, which saves you time and money in migrating and setting-up things in the cloud. Securing company data from loss is the most important aspect of this. ProfitBricks guarantees this security with its cloud storage solutions as a result of double redundancy. This means that we store your files not only in one location, but also mirror the entire backup in a second data centre. In this way your data is then secure in the event that one data centre is damaged by water, fire or a natural catastrophe.

Furthermore, our data centres are secured against such events by protective measures. The latest fire protection technology and continuous surveillance on site ensure your data’s security. Data security has always played a major role at ProfitBricks: As a German company, data privacy protection is very important to us and therefore strict laws naturally apply to our German data centres as well.
ProfitBricks Cloud Storage ist immer verfügbar

Cloud storage is always available

You access your cloud storage online, which means it can be done from all over the world. All you need is internet access to save or use your data. It is also possible to manage your cloud storage regardless of location. The ProfitBricks Data Center Designer (DCD) is a browser-based graphical user interface with which you can easily configure your cloud services using drag and drop. You can of course also access your storage space via the convenient Cloud API – a modern REST interface. Thanks to InfiniBand network architecture, you benefit from low latencies and extremely fast processing speeds of up to 2 x 40 Gbit/s when accessing your data.
Mit ProfitBricks Kosten sparen

Flexible planning and cost savings

With traditional storage solutions, companies have only the option to purchase new capacity in large bundles. This inevitably means unused capacity for you. If you rent a cloud storage, you are opting for only as much storage space as you actually need. Purchasing traditional storage on your property is very cost intensive, particularly for new companies, although there is very little need at the start. However, established companies are also regularly faced with further purchasing costs. If you choose cloud storage, you scale the costs based on demand – individually adapted to your company.
Transparent Cloud Storage Prices

Transparent Cloud Storage Prices: Pay only for what you use

If you decide to rent a Cloud Storage from ProfitBricks, you can scale your costs as needed - tailored especially for your business. You decide how much online cloud storage you need - exact gigabyte units! The pricing of the cloud storage API and the traffic costs are not charged based on a flat-rate, therefore they depend on the actual usage. The personal price calculation for your cloud storage and no fixed contract period guarantee maximum flexibility. Take a look at the cloud storage prices at ProfitBricks and convince yourself of the fair price-performance ratio.
Cloud Block storage with HDD and SSD

Cloud Block storage with HDD and SSD

In contrast to file storage, as you know it from the end user area, block storage systems simulate complete hard disks. The generated storage volumes are each formatted separately and can be adapted individually. This makes cloud storage with block technology more complex but also more powerful than file storage.

As a rule, you need to opt for either HDD or SSD drives. Both types of drive have advantages and disadvantages: While the classic, mechanical HDDs offer lots of storage space above all, SSD storage impresses with particularly quick access times. At ProfitBricks, you can even combine the two options in order to configure the best cloud storage for companies.

The file system that is responsible for organising the blocks, which really represent a data area, ensures efficient management of backups and other externally stored data. Block storage displays its benefits especially if the data in cloud storage is subject to permanent changes. For this reason, this storage solution is particularly suited to structured databases or virtual machines.
ProfitBricks S3 Object Storage

ProfitBricks S3 Object Storage: the convenient cloud storage solution

Object storage goes a step further in terms of intelligent and reliable cloud storage solutions: With ProfitBricks S3 Object Storage, we offer you a highly scalable solution in accordance with S3 standards. With this system, it stores the associated metadata in addition to the actual files, making it easier to structure data. A particular advantage is that S3 is based on the HTTP(S) protocol, which means that it is easy to integrate into your daily work and has direct encryption. The metadata, which you can apply to each individual file in your cloud storage, contains several pieces of information, such as the usage rights.

An additional identifier stores the path to the file. This is why ProfitBricks S3 Object Storage does not require any additional file systems. This unique key is a URL/XML path, via which the user’s applications can access the object - and therefore the file. The basis of this is a flat structure: a pool in which the files are stored. In this case, the physical place where the data is located, in which cluster and on which hard disk is not important. Unstructured data is mainly used in object storage because it is perfect for backups, images and multimedia files.

A particular benefit for users of cloud storage in business is that your object storage grows with your requirements and it is extremely cost-effective. The storage space can be scaled almost limitlessly and you pay only for the data amounts that you really need.
Professional support

Professional support for questions about cloud storage

The online cloud storage is designed to guarantee a high degree of user-friendliness through intuitive operation. However, if you still have questions or problems, the fast and friendly ProfitBricks support from trained system administrators will supports you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, free of charge. The help section also provides extensive documentation, tutorials, and FAQs that can help you quickly resolve small issues surrounding your cloud storage.