ProfitBricks Cloud Storage

Double Redundant Storage of ProfitBricks – For Guaranteed Security

Thanks to InfiniBand network architecture with low latencies and extremely fast processing speeds of up to 2 x 40 Gbit/s and our very own highly efficient storage technology, ProfitBricks storage systems are among the fastest on the market.

ProfitBricks offers both merited HDD Cloud Block storage as well as SSD storage and provides its customers with cost-effective, elastic and easily scalable cloud storage solutions for all applications.​ To provide you with the maximum performance of SDD drives, we have adapted our storage technology to the specific characteristics of SSD drives. The performance of the storage used depends on its size. In other words, the more SSD storage is reserved, the greater the performance the customer receives. Cloud block storage is characterised by granularity, good performance, comparatively little metadata and more local areas of application.

Cloud Block Storage is completed by even more inexpensive ProfitBricks S3 Object Storage. ProfitBricks S3 Object Storage is the perfect round-up for storage solutions in an IaaS Public Cloud: S3-compatible, highly scalable, inexpensive, easily addressable, perfectly suited for the modern form of back-up and to meeting compliance requirements for storing a range of business documents securely, strictly adhering to German data privacy regulations and extremely easy to integrate into automated processes via REST-API or simply addressed via HTTP(S). ProfitBricks S3 Object Storage is particularly suitable for saving large quantities of unstructured, rather static data.
Block Storage from ProfitBricks

Cloud Block Storage

Highly available, double redundant, cost-effective

Cloud Block Storage is available in two variants: HDD and SSD. Here you can read about the advantages both systems offer and how ProfitBricks uses these.
ProfitBricks S3 Object Storage

ProfitBricks S3 Object Storage

S3-compatible, highly scalable, inexpensive

ProfitBricks S3 Object Storage: extremely scalable, easily addressable via API or HTTPS and inexpensive. Adhering to strict German data privacy regulations.