Set up your virtual data centre in just a few steps

With ProfitBricks Data Centre Designer (DCD), assemble your virtual infrastructure in just a few steps. As a browser-based GUI, it streamlines the process of setting up and adapting of your cloud data centre to an unprecedented degree. Implementing network tables and costly wiring are now things of the past. In the DCD, drag the required components (server, storage, etc.) using Drag & Drop to your space and configure them automatically. After that, you can draw in the network using your mouse.

ProfitBricks – Data Center Designer

Easy to use

As an alternative to our modern REST-based cloud APIs, the GUI functions almost like a whiteboard – providing an excellent overview that enables you to immediately set up an optimally structured network that you can activate at the press of a button. Any subsequent adjustments that your data centre may require can also be implemented with just a few clicks of the mouse and deployed immediately. For you as a customer, this is naturally free of charge.
ProfitBricks - Data Center Designer

In-house development customised to the ProfitBricks cloud infrastructure

The DCD is a tool specially developed by ProfitBricks that is used to configure and administer virtual data centres. However, the DCD can be much more than a whiteboard. With the DCD, you can create your complete virtual data centre with servers, storage, load balancers, firewalls and associated networking. Once you are happy with the structure, you can activate your data centre with a click of a mouse – with no complicated forms and tables. The DCD provides a graphical overview of your entire infrastructure at all times. Making changes is easy because you can keep an eye on the entire network at all times. You save significant amounts of time and avoid costly mistakes. Thus, the digitalization of small and medium-sized enterprises in the cloud becomes less complex – another real cloud advantage of ProfitBricks, the cloud provider from Germany.
ProfitBricks DevOps Central

In addition for DevOps: The ProfitBricks DevOps Central

Our DevOps Community provides developers with a forum in which to exchange information, e.g. about integrating popular tools and microservices such as LibCloud, Fog, Ruby and Chef.