Data Center Designer – an easy-to-design own data center in the cloud

A virtual data center is characterised by quick and flexible scaling of resources. In order for us to meet and implement this demand, we developed the Data Center Designer (DCD). This browser-based, graphic user interface provides you with all the tools required, in order to quickly create or adjust your own data center. What is possible only through drawing up detailed network tables and costly wiring in other data centres can be done with ProfitBricks’ design interface in just a few clicks thanks to the DCD: building an infrastructure exactly as you need it.

Easy to use

ProfitBricks – Data Center Designer
Operation of the Data Center Designer could not be simpler. You use a whiteboard to arrange components as required by drag-and-drop. Server and storage are moved into the right places and then connected to each other and the internet with network connections. Thanks to the clear design and uncomplicated handling, you can easily adapt capacity.

Every component has individual configuration options. As we enable Live Vertical Scaling (LVS) in our virtual data centres, you just need to use a scroll bar to increase capacity, and then you have the additional capacity available. The size of RAM and storage system, as well as the number of cores in a server or a storage unit, can also be adapted just as easily as the components in your own data center.
ProfitBricks - Data Center Designer Komponenten
When setting up, the following components are available:
  • Server: Modify each of the servers used as they are needed for your company’s requirements. Cores and RAM are also freely scalable.
  • Storage: You can also freely choose the number and size of your HDD and SSD storage units. With just a few clicks, assign the storage systems to the different servers to build your own data center.
  • Load Balancer: Add one or several load balancers to your infrastructure in order to distribute the processing burden evenly across different servers and therefore avoid overloads.
  • Networking: Easily move the connections between your servers and the internet access, using the cursor. Quickly add firewalls so that your infrastructure remains secure.
ProfitBricks - Resource configuration
If you choose AMD processors, you can add up to 62 cores and 240 GB RAM per server. With an Intel-CPU, 27 cores and 120 GB RAM can be used per server instance. You can also choose from a full range of storage systems. Select up to 16 TB HDD storage or 100 GB SSD storage per instance.
ProfitBricks - Data Center Designer

Software Defined Data Center (SDDC) makes it possible

As a provider of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), ProfitBricks supplies you with a Software Defined Data Center (SDDC). Within the cloud, you can create a virtual data centre that is not limited to dedicated hardware. The software takes on the administration of the abstract components. Instead of virtualising only a storage or server instance, with SDDC we make the entire data centre available virtually. Therefore, it is also possible to adapt all of the components of your own data center in the cloud with the Data Center Designer at any time. 

Software Defined Networking (SDN) behaves exactly as your traditional networks do. However, instead of having to deal with wiring, you benefit from the uncomplicated function of SDDC in connection with the Data Center Designer. With ProfitBricks, no network administrators are needed on site to set up the new hardware to provide capacity. Instead of this, you handle the configuration yourself.
Profitbricks: Complex tasks with the Data Centre Designer

Complex tasks with the Data Centre Designer

Thanks to the simple usability of the Data Center Designer (DCD), you can carry out complex configurations yourself. With the IP-Manager, you can allocate and manage IP addresses in your virtual network, grant rights and assign IP blocks to different groups. If a DHCP configuration has not been successful, you can also use the DCD to manually assign IP addresses by the remote console. You can then access your server via the console if a connection by SSH or RDP is not possible.

You can manage your images and snapshots with the Image-Manager. The HDD and ISO images that you have uploaded are all listed here meaning that you have an easily accessible overview, can filter files and manage rights. The images can be conveniently added to your data centre via an FTP connection.

Another useful function of your Data Center Designer is the Automatic Start/Stop. If you no longer need a server in your infrastructure, it makes sense to deactivate this virtual instance in order to save costs. With the Automatic Start/Stop, you shut down the unused server and release the CPU again. However, do not delete the component from the whiteboard, so that you can simply re-reboot it if needed.
Access your virtual data centre at any time

Access your virtual data centre at any time

With the Data Center Designer by ProfitBricks, you can quickly and easily configure your resources around the clock and even on the fly. However, as not all IT managers like working with a graphic interface, it’s also possible to manage a virtual data center via Cloud REST API. In our DevOps Community, you can find more options for how you can tailor your infrastructure to your needs.