Public Cloud Server Configuration

ProfitBricks Cloud Computing Configuration

Finely granular configuration of resources of public cloud servers: Most cloud computing providers offer virtual servers in defined standard instance sizes. The virtual server resources frequently do not meet customer’s needs, and generally offer more capacity than is required. The result? You pay too much! At ProfitBricks as cloud provider, CPU cores and RAM can be tailored precisely to meet demand. Ideal for IT service providers, system houses or managed cloud service providers in the Cloud Channel, who want to flexibly respond to the needs of their customers in order to set up the perfect multi-cloud.

ProfitBricks Live Vertical Scaling

Optimum performance at minimum cost.

ProfitBricks cloud servers can be freely combined:
  • 1 to 62 cores
  • 0,25 to 240 GB RAM
  • 1 GB to 2 TB per device with up to 8 storage devices per server
Each server instance can be individually created. Networks are freely configurable. The requisite cloud storage is double redundant. Features such as failover IP enhance the infrastructure availability. Billing is calculated to the nearest minute. Virtual servers can be vertically scaled on the fly to meet additional requirements: This like fitting a new CPU, RAM module or hard disk to a physical server using the hot-swap method while it is running. In the critical scenario of a server operating under load, this allows new resources to be added seamlessly on the fly. A particularly outstanding advantage of the IaaS Public Cloud, which you can enjoy seamlessly with ProfitBricks. Easy IT service management.
ProfitBricks Core Technology Choice

Profit from ProfitBricks Core Technology Choice

In addition to AMD Operon processors, we offer Intel® Xeon technology as an alternative. A processor architecture with hyper-threaded Intel® cores differs substantially from the AMD architecture and can be significantly more efficient for certain applications – but of course, the reverse applies as well. In short, this new feature gives you the opportunity to configure your virtual server at the best-possible price-performance ratio. In the best case scenario, you will save between 20% and 40% on your processor operating costs.