Hybrid Cloud: the best of both worlds

The hybrid cloud is a combination of your hardware hosted on-site and a cloud belonging to an IaaS provider such as ProfitBricks. Your private cloud meets our public cloud.

The hybrid cloud model is primarily suitable for companies that do not want to migrate their IT infrastructure entirely to a cloud. These reasons justify this kind of solution.

  1. Cost: Your own data centre is already available and the company only wants to replace the existing hardware gradually or not completely with public cloud infrastructure. However, the company can gradually scale down its own data centre anyway, or continue to use it until the end of the tax depreciation.
  2. Data protection: Some companies work with sensitive data. In order to guarantee ideal protection for company and customer data, such companies prefer to leave at least a part of their data on site, but migrate other parts of the IT infrastructure. (However, having a German public cloud provider additionally minimises the data protection risk.)
  3. Competence: Other companies have particular expertise in one area of IT, but want to migrate others. This means that staff can better focus on this single sector, while maintenance and repairs on the other services do not tie up any resources.
  4. Load peaks: The company IT is well established but at certain times, load peaks occur that cannot be contained by the existing servers. Instead of upgrading the hardware just because of these seasonal peaks, which would mean a large investment, the company can simply book additional cloud capacity and literally burst into cloud.
No matter the reason why you have opted for a hybrid cloud, at ProfitBricks, you will find the right solution – cost-effective and powerful.

Hybrid Clouds can be adapted individually

With a ProfitBricks hybrid cloud, you do not adapt to the cloud. Instead, we tailor the offer to fit your existing infrastructure. Our building blocks principle means that in a  Hybrid Cloud components such as computing, server and storage can be considered independently of one another. Together with us, or one of our Managed Cloud Service Partners, you can build the cloud infrastructure around your existing solution. Naturally, the Hybrid Cloud offers the same advantages that you also enjoy in a completely public cloud: demand-focused, precise scaling. Rather than fixed service packages, you can rent for your Hybrid Cloud only the capacity that you really need.

With Live Vertical Scaling (LVS), you can reduce or increase capacity, even on the fly. A sudden and unexpected increase in requests can bring your server to its capacity limits. With a conventional data centre, you are then faced with a problem. Either you accept the poor performance or you change your infrastructure as quickly as possible, which automatically leads to a planned interruption. By using LVS, companies that rely on a Hybrid Cloud minimise downtimes for their systems and can work with considerably greater productivity.

You also have a number of options to choose from with the individual components of your data centre in the cloud: Would you rather use Intel cores or AMD processors? HDD or SSD block storage? Or would you prefer our ProfitBricks S3 Object Storage? How much RAM does your cloud need? You put together the infrastructure to suit your company’s needs.

Hybrid Cloud from ProfitBricks for IaaS solutions

When you choose ProfitBricks, you will be working with an experienced and fair partner. Since 2010, our web hosting experts have been working on and with the cloud. Both CloudStack and virtualization are done in house. With our commitment, we have contributed to raising awareness of hybrid cloud solutions in Germany. In addition, ProfitBricks offers you not only hardware and software in the cloud, but also expertise. It is important to us that you receive competent advice in setting up the hybrid cloud technology and are also not left alone when problems occur.

When using our hybrid cloud, you are not committing to long runtimes. You will be charged only for the capacity that you actually use. And if you want to run or store applications and data on your on-premise servers again, it is not a problem because we do not have any vendor lock-ins and the migration functions seamlessly.

A high level of security in the hybrid cloud

The ProfitBricks data centres are located in Germany and the USA. When putting together your hybrid cloud solution, you can choose which server location you want to use. Servers that are hosted in Germany are always subject to strict German data protection laws. Furthermore, the data centres whose services that we use are certified in accordance with ISO 27001, meaning that our security mechanisms are of the highest level.

The servers in the data centres are also protected from physical damage at all times. At each location, security personnel and access controls work around the clock to ensure that no unauthorised persons gain access to the data centre. With emergency power supply and the latest fire protection technology, servers are also protected against accidents.

Intuitive use

With ProfitBricks, you can easily set up the public cloud part of a hybrid cloud, and managing your capacity and components afterwards is also simple. Configure your cloud using drag and drop with our intuitive Data Center Designer (DCD).

In the DCD, you select servers, storages, load balancers and firewalls, interconnect them all and create your virtual data centre. You can also change these settings later in order to satisfy changing requirements. Furthermore, you have the option to control your infrastructure with ProfitBricks via modern REST interfaces such as our Cloud API. Thanks to the REST basis, implementing this is also very easy.