Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid Cloud is the combination of a user-hosted hardware (private cloud) and a cloud computing provider in the public cloud.

Concept of the Hybrid Cloud

Often a company does not want to move all IT applications completely and immediately into a public cloud using an external cloud provider. The concept of the hybrid cloud can help here. It intertwines both cloud worlds. Particularly sensitive IT workloads remain with the hybrid cloud concept in the data center of the cloud user. Less threatened applications find their home in the public cloud.

Hybrid cloud infrastructures are implemented if the various IT workloads in different usage scenarios can no longer be processed on the premises. Companies can then access and combine resources across different platforms depending on current requirements. Companies that lack technical resources or that want to concentrate on their core business are welcome to use the extensive ProfitBricks network of managed service partners.

The first priority is to relocate the development and operation of new applications to the public cloud in order to profit from its scalability, flexibility and reach and to realise cost advantages. At the same time, companies often have numerous applications that are not yet compatible with the cloud and first require adaptation with great effort or replacement at great expense. The hybrid cloud gives users immediate access to the advantages of the public cloud and allows them to migrate older applications to the cloud step by step. Seamless integration of the new IT applications in the existing infrastructure is possible in this way without impairing the innovative capacity of the company.

Hybrid cloud solutions are suitable for companies looking for a solution that is available for projects at short notice and can be flexibly adapted. Furthermore, they offer a cost-effective means of realising large and complex projects that can no longer be implemented using the previous on-premise infrastructure.

Hybrid Cloud in practice

In practice, the so-called managed cloud providers often organize the interaction between IT on the customer side and the public cloud instances in the hybrid cloud. Read how ProfitBricks, along with its partners Equinix and Axians, has implemented such a hybrid cloud scenario for a demanding customer.

The ProfitBricks Cloud platform has a special advantage: in-house virtualization based on KVM can be used in a public cloud environment as well as in a private cloud. Then both ends of a hybrid cloud play perfectly together.