Flexible, Scalable and Robust IT Infrastructures with the ProfitBricks Cloud Computing Platform

Set up virtual data centres quickly and easily – with the help of the unique graphical Data Centre Designer (DCD) or the latest Cloud APIs (REST)

Dedicated computing capacity of the entire processor and full RAM volumes guaranteed!

Freely selectable components: AMD or Intel® processors with Hyper-Threading. Double redundant, rapid SSD or ultra-stable HDD storage.

Advantages of the ProfitBricks Cloud Computing Platform

ProfitBricks Cloud Computing lets you set up flexible, vertically scalable and virtual data centres – for Multi Cioud Applications or Managed Cloud Computing. In this context, virtual instances behave identically to physical servers. Network components such as load balancers, firewalls and switches, HA components such as IP failovers incur no extra cost. InfiniBand with 2 x 40 Gbit/s ensures a swift internal connection. All virtual servers are based in data centres located in Germany. In addition, ProfitBricks offers top-class free 24/7 support with personal contacts – extremely user-friendly not only for end users, but also IT service providers, system houses or managed cloud service providers. ProfitBricks represents the ideal public cloud for the digitization of small and medium-sized enterprises as well as larger companies.

ProfitBricks – High Availability Infrastructure

High Availability Infrastructure

Making virtual servers available in a matter of seconds – highly available with IP failover. Demand-driven configuration of resources thanks to Core Technology Choice and freely selectable storage space.
ProfitBricks – Fast Networks

Software Defined Networking

Software Defined Networking and InfiniBand stand for high network performance, data centres directly on the DE-CIX benefit from excellent connections, NAT, Cloud & Cross Connect ensure a secure connection, IP failover for enhanced availability.
ProfitBricks – Redundant Cloud Storage

Redundant Cloud Storage

ProfitBricks offers non-volatile, flexible, scalable cloud block storage – both as SSD as well as HDD storage. With double redundancy as standard. Fast and secure cloud storage is one of the main cloud computing benefits.
ProfitBricks Live Vertical Scaling

Live Vertical Scaling

Adjust your infrastructure on the fly to suit actual requirements! Change resources such as cores and RAM without interruption and downtime! An invaluable asset not only for managed cloud computing.
ProfitBricks Data Center Designer (DCD)

Data Center Designer (DCD)

Assemble everything you need for your virtual data centre in just a few steps with the unique ProfitBricks GUI, the Data Center Designer (DCD). Easy digitalization in the cloud.
ProfitBricks 24/7 SysAdmin Support

24/7 SysAdmin Support

You’ll receive expert assistance. Qualified system administrators offer you round-the-clock support on an equal footing. Personally and, naturally, free of charge. ProfitBricks is here on equal terms with both medium-sized and larger companies as well as partners such as system houses, managed cloud service providers or IT service providers.

ProfitBricks as a provider of real cloud computing from Germany offers the right cloud solution for your business requirements

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