If Necessary, Adapt Capacities and Ramp Resources Up and Down Seamlessly

ProfitBricks Live Vertical Scaling

One of the trademarks of the cloud is its exceptional flexibility. This also applies to the adaptation of infrastructure resources to fluctuating utilisation requirements in terms of achieving optimum performance at the lowest possible cost. With ProfitBricks Live Vertical Scaling (LVS), it’s not a problem: simply adjust your infrastructure on the fly to suit actual requirements! Change resources such as cores and RAM without interruption and downtime!

Take for example a scenario where traffic increases during live operation. Your servers become slower. Your customers start to complain. Having to upgrade the servers now puts you in a quandary. That is because you will be forced to shut them down at least for a short time and restart them. In the meantime, a significant backlog will accumulate that could even bring the upgraded servers to their knees following the restart. With LVS, you can precisely adapt the resources (cores, RAM) for your virtual data center to your requirements on the fly. Put simply, you can access more performance at the push of a button without shutting down the server for a single second.

ProfitBricks Automation

Cloud management needs to be optimised. Automated resource management.

Rather than being administered manually, particularly large cloud installations should be automated as far as possible. You have better things to be doing than continuously repeating the same manual tasks. At ProfitBricks, all functions of the Data Center Designer GUI are also available via API. In line with industry standards, our modern REST-based cloud interfaces allow you to automate the administration of your virtual resources using suitable applications. The Cloud APIs give you the option of handling this based on popular HTTP methods with improved user-friendliness. In this way, you can really exploit the full potential of a cloud computing environment. A particularly outstanding advantage of the IaaS Public Cloud, which you can enjoy seamlessly with ProfitBricks.
ProfitBricks containers snd microservices

Containers and microservices

Everybody is talking about software containers such as Docker. The use of microservices such as Chef or Puppet, Rancher or Flocker in conjunction with increasingly efficient cloud operation – or composable infrastructure – is becoming increasingly popular. To support the DevOps concept, ProfitBricks provides comprehensive tutorials and SDKs on the optimum use of the cloud. Our DevOps Community also offers particularly exciting insights from developers for developers.