Public Cloud

The public cloud is the original idea of ​​cloud computing. The cloud computing provider offers computing power, which can be accessed by many customers at the same time. These resources are shared by their respective needs. Each customer uses the amount of virtualized resources they need to run their applications.

Advantages of the Public Cloud

The special advantage of using a public cloud is that the resources are scalable at any time. As a result, it is possible to measure the resources provided according to the current requirements. There can be neither an under-supply nor an over-supply of resources. The public cloud user saves the investment for a dedicated data center. CAPEX becomes OPEX and investments are changing to operating costs and therefore protect the liquidity. Clever management of the public cloud saves costs for ongoing operations.

At the same time, the customer can build on greater flexibility, as the public cloud is designed for rapid scaling, even on a large scale. This also reduces the time and effort for the provision of IT applications. The learning curve of a professional operator of a public cloud is also more advantageous when it comes to securing the IT operation or service levels on a permanent basis.

Public Cloud with ProfitBricks IaaS

The IaaS Public Cloud from ProfitBricks provides you with all these advantages: A particularly favorable price / performance ratio, uninterrupted live vertical scaling, high availability thanks to IP Fail-over, dedicated performance thanks to guaranteed processor and memory resources as well as 100% German data protection.