Public Cloud by ProfitBricks – your inexpensive and professional IaaS provider

ProfitBricks is one of the most experienced providers of public cloud solutions in Germany. We have been active in the field of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) since 2010. Many companies use public cloud services in their day-to-day work. But what is the specific concept behind it?

Generally, it can be said that the public cloud corresponds to the original idea of cloud computing. Infrastructure as a Service providers make their IT infrastructure (such as computing power or storage space) available for your own public cloud. You can use this without having to purchase and look after the resources yourself. We explain the advantages of our public cloud services with some clear-cut examples in the following sections.

What does a public cloud provider do?

With a public cloud, cloud computing providers such as ProfitBricks supply computing power, to which many customers have access at the same time. They share the resources provided in accordance with their respective requirements. Customers always use the scope of virtualized resources required to ensure optimum operation of their respective applications. However, at ProfitBricks full computing power of an either AMD or Intel core is guaranteed to one user at a given time.

A public cloud is suited to companies in a variety of different industries. This is regardless of whether the cloud infrastructure makes services directly available to end customers for example, or whether a company’s internal working processes will be running on it. With a public cloud platform, data can be more easily set up, harmonised, evaluated and marketed. This is fundamentally important for data-driven business models.

The required resources for your own public cloud can be put together easily with the respective provider. This means that not only is purchasing your own hardware unnecessary but so is setting it up. The public cloud service provider takes care of all of this.

Advantages of the Public Cloud

The particular advantage of using a public cloud relates to the dynamic scalability of resources. This means that, at any time, the capacity provided can be adapted dynamically to suit current requirements. This eliminates the possibility of insufficient or excess resources. Both situations would create unnecessary costs. In the first case, this would be through resources that had to be bought later and in the second case, through underused capacity.

Public cloud users save themselves the need to invest in their own data centre. CAPEX (capital expense) turns OPEX (operating expense). Instead of investing in the company’s own IT infrastructure, it is possible to rent the respective resources from a public cloud provider for a comparably small monthly sum – which not least has a positive effect on cash flow. Clever management of a public cloud ultimately leads to considerable cost savings for live operations.

At the same time, the customer benefits from greater flexibility because the public cloud is designed for quick scaling – also on a large scale. This means that IT resources can be easily and quickly adjusted. In addition, customers do not need to worry about maintaining the hardware or the system’s security as this is taken on by the public cloud provider, who needs to comply with certain quality standards.

Public cloud by IaaS provider ProfitBricks

The IaaS public cloud by ProfitBricks offers all of this – plus further benefits:

How companies can use our public cloud service

Public cloud infrastructures contribute significantly to the digital evolution and are therefore becoming more important to companies. A company can always use the hardware capacity that is needed at the moment, saving purchasing costs. But how, and for which, business areas is a public cloud used? The following three public cloud examples represent classic applications:

Websites and
Websites with high numbers of visitors, and e-commerce offers such as online shops are dependent on a stable infrastructure. Downtimes and a long response time for online platforms quickly lead to loss of revenue. ProfitBricks’ public cloud infrastructures can be adapted instantly, so that your website can also withstand large peaks of visitors. Your data is also secured by our double-redundant cloud storage. This ensures that your website is highly available and continuously accessible for your customers – even if a problem occurs in one of the data centres.
Testing and
development environments
Setting up a development or testing environment can be done in no time at all with one of Profitbricks’ public cloud solutions. With our Data Centre Designer, you can set up the required resources in just a few minutes and have them ready for use immediately . Here you can replicate and amend real applications within a corresponding system environment. The snapshot function can be used to clone your infrastructure’s environment, whether this is transferred immediately into a new development environment or used as a template for subsequent projects.
Backup and
disaster recovery
The public cloud is optimally suited to data security and data recovery and restoration after a mishap or incident (disaster recovery). In the event of an IT outage, flexible standby environments ensure that smooth operation can re-start quickly thanks to automatic failover. The low running costs for data security and disaster recovery through ProfitBricks public cloud, are also manageable for small and medium-sized companies. Large companies benefit from not having to operate their own data centre for data security and recovery, and can use the budget for these high purchasing costs for other purposes.